Propane Sequim

Kitsap Propane offers full propane delivery services to any and all customers in Sequim, be they long-time clients or new to our company. We take orders by phone or through our website, and all of our online order customers are automatically entered into our monthly draw for 50 free gallons of propane. And if you are a new customer, we’ll welcome you aboard with absolutely free tank switching.

We always strive to save our customers as much of their money as we possibly can. That’s why we’ve brought in programs to help make monthly budgeting easier, and ease the burden of winter fuel purchases as well.

Our Level Pay system gives you a set monthly payment on a set date, rather than being stuck dealing with budget-shattering big bills whenever you require a propane delivery. By doling out a regular payment based on your estimated propane costs over the year, we’re making it easier to fit your propane needs into those monthly budgets. And our Pre-Pay program lets Sequim customers buy their winter propane ahead of time at a lower per-gallon rate. We’ve helped customers save as much as $80 per 100 gallons ordered against what they would have paid buying propane during the winter.

And Kitsap Propane offers a lot of services and expertise beyond propane delivery, too. We can inspect your tank and pipes to make certain that everything is in perfect working order, and we won’t charge for that service, either. We’ll install your propane appliances, we’ll install your tanks, and we’ll install your new furnace or air conditioning system. We can even customize your furnace setup so that it will fit the existing floor plan for your home or business.

So put in an order today, and start discovering why Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and so much more in Sequim today.