Propane Port Townsend

Port Townsend occupies an important location as a meeting point between Puget Sound and Salish Bay. Port Townsend is also an important delivery location for Kitsap Propane. Place your order by phone or by our website, and we’ll dispatch a propane delivery truck to your home or business as soon as possible. Online order customers are automatically entered into our monthly draw for 50 free gallons of propane. All of our new customers will have their tanks switched out by us absolutely free of charge.

Kitsap Propane will never hit you with extra fees and tariffs for basic services like other companies can. Want your BBQ or RV tanks filled up when your propane delivery arrives? That’s fine with us. We won’t charge you anything more than the cost of the propane.

Speaking of propane costs, Kitsap Propane has introduced a Level Pay Plan system that can help make your propane payments more manageable. Rather than paying lump sums whenever a propane delivery shows up, with Level Pay your propane costs for the year are estimated and averaged out providing you with a regular monthly fee on a set date each month. Creating those household budgets just became a lot easier.

Kitsap Propane has also introduced a Pre-Pay plan to help all of our Port Townsend customers avoid those nasty winter propane rate hikes. We’ll allow you to pre-purchase winter propane at a set rate, and we’ll store it until the cold snap hits. Then we’ll deliver from that stored propane over the winter, saving you money while you receive all of the propane that you require.

We’re a full service company who can also take care of all of your inspection and installation requirements for propane tanks, pipes and appliances. And our 100% certified furnace and A/C installers can take any furnace (be it propane, electrical or oil), customize the system to your floor plan, and install it the right way.

So put in your order today, and learn how Kitsap Propane is your best choice for propane delivery and services in Port Townsend today.