Propane Delivery Service

Kitsap Propane offers delivery service throughout Kitsap County seven days a week.
Our drivers will even top off your BBQ and RV tanks when we are servicing your residential tank.
Even better, every time you order online, you are automatically entered into our monthly drawing for 50 free gallons of propane.

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Pre-Buy Plan

Pre-Buy Plan

Our pre-buy program is designed to help our customers save money on their winter propane deliveries.
We allow you to buy your winter propane ahead of time at a lower rate, rather than paying the higher prices once the cold weather hits.
You pre-purchase your winter propane gallons at lower costs, we store the propane for you, and deliver your pre-buy propane once winter is here.

No set up fees, no billing for fuel storage, no minimum purchase requirements, and no extra delivery charges.
Just another way that we are helping our customers save money.

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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

More people are increasing the amount of business they do online.
At Kitsap Propane, we are happy to offer fully digital invoicing, and payment processing through Propane EZ® to every one of our customers.
Take care of all of your payments quickly, safely, and securely through online bill pay.

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Power Up When The Power Is Off!

Even if you are using the county electrical grid as your main source of power, a reliable backup option can be essential.
One of our stand-by propane generators will come on automatically when the power goes down, keeping your home warm and lit for the duration of the problem.
Kitsap Propane automatically provides refill priority to all of our generator customers, ensuring you will not be left in the dark for as long as the outage lasts.

Stand-by Generators & Tanks

Tanks & Installation

Propane Tank Installation, Sales & Leasing

Kitsap Propane does more than just keep your propane tanks full.
Our certified technicians can take care of any tank installation jobs, too.
We can handle any underground or above ground propane tank and system install job.
We will even take care of the post-install landscaping to get your property back to what it was beforehand.
If you are switching to us from a different propane company, we will change out your existing tank for one of ours for free.

Underground Tanks Tank Leasing Aboveground Tanks

Gas Piping

Gas Piping and Installation

At Kitsap Propane, our expertise extends to all of your exterior and underground gas piping requirements.
We can take care of any exterior or underground piping job including the repair of exterior or underground piping systems.
Our Technicians are experts in making sure your system will meet the demands of your particular appliances.
If you purchased a new gas appliance and now require propane services, our field technician can come out and take care of it for you.
Our system inspections will give you peace of mind knowing your system is operating correctly and safely.

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